Paint & Custom Paint Services

Color Match Guarantee

Good1Auto provides Houston with professional Automotive Custom Painting Services through any one of
our 7 Locations. We offer a Color Match Guarantee on all jobs ensuring our client's trust.

Automotive, Truck & SUV Painting

Eco Friendly Solutions

Through the implementation of Dupont's Cromax Pro™ line of automotive paint solutions, Good1Auto offers eco friendly, water based paint that requires no flash-time between coats allowing for much faster painting times, meaning less waiting for you and higher workflow for us. And again, our color match guarantee will leave you blissfully worry-free until it's time for you to pick up your vehicle. You might think it's better than the original. We often do.

Custom Painting

Custom Graphics

We can do anything when it comes to graphics and car, truck or van paint. Our auto paint department is talented and hungry for challenging work. Not that we'll turn away the average customer, but we're excited about what we do and it shows at any level of our process.

Comprehensive Collision Services

ASE Certified Mechanics | Professional Paint & Body

Good1Auto provides Houston with professional Automotive Collision & Body Service through one of our 7 conveniently located
comprehensive collision centers. We do comprehensive collision on any make and model, foreign or domestic.
Classic Car? Sports Car? SUV or Van? We do it all, and have towing services in House.

Comprehensive Collision

Body Shop | Lifetime Warrantied Workmanship

When you get in a wreck, sometimes you need more than just body work. Get hit in the front? Then you'll need engine repair and likely suspension. Get hit in the side? You'll need alignment and frame repair, and all that is in addition to exterior body work.

Good1Auto provides all these services. When we say "comprehensive collision" ... we mean it. Where other body shops will tell you, "Sure we can fix that," what actually happens is they sub-contract ("farm") the work to a mechanic shop, towing company, body shop or whatever it is they don't do in house and then charge you a premium. We do everything in house and we pass that savings on to you.

Paint & Body Shop

Collision Paint Repair

We don't just do custom paint either. Comprehensive means just that. All of our automotive paint jobs come with a color match guarantee, so you know you can trust it'll be done right.


ASE Certified Mechanic Services

Trusted | Lifetime Warrantied Workmanship

Good1Auto provides Houston with professional ASE Certified Mechanical Service through one of our 7 Locations. Whether it's your transmission, a tune-up or a major overhaul, Good1Auto does it all and provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty
on all our workmanship, a sign of trust and our personal guarantee. Our Auto Repair and Engine Repair
departments are peerless in Houston.

ASE Certified Mechanic Services

Lifetime Warrantied Workmanship

Don't be fooled by imitators. Women especially can be taken advantage of by predatory Mechanic Shops. Prices don't fluctuate wildly on jobs. Every fault has a specified ASE timetable for repair and standard rates for billing purposes. Be wary of extremely low quotes, or you can expect lots of unauthorized work and a major nightmare come billing time. We pride ourselves on our willingness to work with customers and explain everything.

Reputable Auto Repair shops will always keep damaged parts for your inspection before you settle your bill. Ask to see the parts. If your mechanic flounders or cannot produce them, you should be suspicious. Good1Auto wants you to feel good about our work so we tell you all this up front. Engine Repair is a serious issue, as are transmission and frame-alignment issues. Improper or shoddy workmanship can cause you months and years of hardship, both financial and mental.

Our auto repair and engine repair departments at our various locations are all ASE Certified, and Good1Auto uses nothing but the best most state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring that the job is done to our exacting standards. If you want professional engine repair, then let the pro's do it. We provide free estimates, and have our own in house towing, so you won't be charged exorbitant fees for transport or storage with us. All of our locations have ample storage and engine repair bays.

Towing Services

We use our own trucks so we can pass those savings on to you.

Good1Auto provides Houston with professional in house Towing Services through any one of our 7 Convenient Locations.

Towing Services

We have our own towing services, in house.

Most Body Shops use outside tow services, ultimately costing you more money. We also offer a free tow with qualifying repairs and paint and custom paint options. We'll pick up your car, truck or SUV, fix or paint it and store it until you can get it.