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West Green Automotive #1 Body Shop in Katy! Bonded Professionals you can trust. We are Houston's source for quality, economy and diligence. Need help getting here? We also provide Towing Service.

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Welcome to West Green Automotive, Katy's #1 Repair Specialists.

West Green Automotive, through the Good1Auto Group, specializes in ASE Certified Mechanic and Towing Services. We have unsurpassed quality control systems that ensure the job is done right and on time.

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ASE Certified Mechanics
ASE Certified Mechanic Services West Green Automotive uses ASE Certified Mechanics, ensuring the job is done right. Don't be fooled.
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Towing Services
Towing Services West Green Automotive has towing available at most locations to better serve you. Ask about our Free Tow!
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29 Jan. 2012 Posted by S.B.P.
Better Quality Paint & Eco Friendly!

These days, more than ever, Americans are increasingly aware of their ecological impact, or their "carbon footprint", and they are doing things about it. It isn't just can's and bottles anymore. America has gone green. We buy electric cars and put solar cells on houses. Most urban Houston natives recycle, in fact if you live in the city of Houston you probably have a green recycle-bin on your curb every week. And while our citizenry continues to curtail their impact on the world around them, fewer businesses are up to the challenge.